Students in labAcademic Requirements

Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements, which have been established by the Board of Trustees:

1. A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university must be completed prior to matriculation.

2. The following prerequisite coursework must be completed prior to matriculation:

  • General Biology (12 semester hours including lab)
  • General Chemistry (8 semester hours including lab)
  • Organic Chemistry (8 semester hours including lab)
  • Biochemistry (3 semester hours)
  • Physics (8 semester hours including lab)
  • English or Literature (6 semester hours)

*No grade below a “C” will be considered to fulfill requirements.

Note: These are minimum academic requirements for admission. Because it will be beneficial to their application and success in medical school, candidates are encouraged to take additional courses including: philosophy and/or theology, ethics, humanities, anatomy/physiology, microcellular biology, embryology, immunology, genetics, behavioral sciences, and statistics. To increase the chance for student success, it is also strongly recommended that candidates have recent coursework in the upper division sciences.

3. A minimum science and cumulative GPA of 3.0.
Note: The chances for admission for a candidate with minimal grades are limited. Admission would require outstanding achievement on the part of the candidate during their career or unique individual circumstances. Preference will be given to candidates with a science and cumulative GPA of 3.40 or higher. On average, candidates admitted to colleges of osteopathic medicine each of the past three years have GPAs > 3.4.

4. All candidates are required to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) within three (3) years of matriculation. MCAT scores within any section must be a 6 or higher.
Note:  On average, candidates admitted to colleges of osteopathic medicine have MCAT scores > 24. RVUCOM does not combine the highest scores in each section from multiple exams. The mean MCAT score for the Class of 2016 was 27. Click here for more information about the MCAT.

5. Students must provide official transcripts from all colleges attended prior to matriculation. In the event of coursework completed at foreign institutions, the applicant must submit official detailed course by course evaluations completed by an approved agency. A list of these agencies is available in the University Handbook & Catalog.

RVUCOM Admissions Office
phone: (720) 875-2800
fax: (720) 875-2897